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See various class photographs at the bottom of this page. Or, in the list just below, click on a classmate's name to see everything we know about him. To page through our classmates, click on any name and then click on "Next" or "Previous" to step through the alphabet. Those who have contributed a photo or personal observations have their name italicized. Those who are deceased are shown in grey. To send an email to all classmates, click here. To update your profile, tell Sam.

Allman Christy Francis Lom Schneider
Ambler Churchman Frazier Loughran Schoen
Arrison Clarke Goldschmeding McDowell Scott
Bader Coleman Harmon McFarland Shoemaker
Bahls Conner Hemphill McVaugh Silvaggio
Barnhurst Cucinotta Holmes Morrison Smith
Berlinger Davis Ingersoll Prickitt Sunderman
Bishop Deasey Johnston Rauch Swenson
Blodgett Douglas Kevis Rowan Ward
Brooks Duffy Kressler Rulon Warren
Buckley Finneran Kriebel Scherer Williams
Chambers Fischer Levine Schnabel Wriggins

Here's a picture of our class on a 1953 trip to Washington, DC. Scroll down for close-ups. Click on the big picture to see it in high resolution. Enjoy the bow ties! And keep on scrolling down for a two-part class photograph from the 1959 Class Record, when we were juniors.

Jim Arrison

Jim Buckley

John Churchman

Jack Conner

Larry Cucinotta

Tony Duffy

Alex Frazier

George Hemphill

Rudy Kriebel

Jack Levine

George McVaugh

Jim Rowan

Allan Schneider

Fred Schoen

Joe Silvaggio
Glenn Williams

Below is a two-part class photograph from the 1959 Class Record. Click on either photograph to see a high-resolution version.