Chuck Harmon

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then ...

5405 Laurens St.
Philadelphia 44, Pa.

Chuck, Charlie, Hormone

His limbs were cast in manly mold, for hardy sports or contest bold. SCOTT.

Entered School 1952. P.C. in Football, 2 years; P.C. in Baseball, 2 years; P.C. Second in Baseball, 1 year; All-Interac Baseball, 1959; Second Team All-Interac Football, 1959.

now ...

637 Allen Street
Syracuse, NY  13210-2643
315-475-8319 (h)
315-436-8683 (c)

Business (Retired)
Hillbrook Detention Center
4949 Velasko Road
P.O. Box 237
Syracuse, NY  13215

Profession: Superintendent, detention center (retired)
Wife: Michalle Faber
Children: Anneliese, Chyleigh

Chuck and his daughter
Chyleigh (on Oct. 31,
2001, we guess) ... click
on image for larger version

Chyleigh in civilian clothes
(notice any resemblance
to Chuck's picture above?)

Chyleigh racing in 2010.

Chuck's daughter Anneliese

Anneliese (center) with Mariah Carey (left) in London.
Anneleigh is in the music business.

Chuck was one of 6 PC athletes honored in 2009
for representing the best of the PC sports tradition. The image is from the Spring 2009 Penn Charter Magazine. Click on the image for larger version.

This is the write-up on Chuck in the article mentioned at left. Click on the image for larger version.