Class Bulletin

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The following PC Bulletin was recently discovered in someone's archives. Nothing is known about its origin, distribution, or authorship. The author wisely refrained from identifying himself. Those who read schoolboy humor deserve what they get. This means you.



Let's get this straight once and for all. There are some things which a school of the caliber such as has Penn Charter will not put up with these things. I'm going to be perfectly clear on this matter, aren't I? Starting tomorrow (and when I say tomorrow I don't mean the day after tomorrow, because that would be Sunday and I don't work), all contestants in a varsity sport will be excused after short recess for taping, lunch, and rest period. It's unfortunate, but this privilege will be revoked if they fail to win. The administration is firm on this matter, and does not feel that it is overemphasizing athletics.

The annual faculty fun and games night will feature a film taken at our annual retreat entitled "From Here to Sodom," followed by a twenty-minute short of Milton's "Paradise Lost."


Come to Valley Green this evening and watch the annual naval battle and submarine race between Clarke and Co., Schnabel and Co., and others. Frazier is favored to sin.

Congratulations to all who won yesterday's track meet: Allman, 29 1/4; Rulon, 6"; Haverford, 12.7834 1/2; Wriggins, -6.

Congratulations to Ben Hur who won the annual chariot race. A close second in this famous Grand Prix du Germantown was Alvin of Augustus, who took nineteen points and one pedestrian. Also-rans were J. Churchman, two points, T. Wriggins, minus 6 points.

Congratulations to Allan Schneider who turned in the entire student body for eating at 1:15. The rule says "eating only at short recess."


(14C) Baseball excused at 2:00, 2:10, and 2:15 to undress here and dress there.

(12) Track is not excused.

(2) Soccer is out of season.

All those interested in playing football next year report to the study hall today at 3:15 for a short spring practice.

The following are to see Mr. Wood at 11:19 today. "Pushrods" Harmon, Ben Gurion, A. A. Son of Swenson, Big Daddy Morrison, the entire Junior Class, Mr. Schlegel, Prickitt, Mr. Ricker, Prickitt, Eva Marie Saint, Sault Sainte Marie, Prickitt, Merrill Ambler (after you are out of Mr. Palaia's office), Prickitt, Mary Ellen, and Joe Burke.

All boys who have not settled with the library by 2:32 today will be destroyed.


Results of yesterday's games:

    (2) Hand to hand combat    P.C. 69..............A.F.S. 46.
    Varsity letter-winning        Wriggins 6 ..........Swenson 5.
    Varsity golf                       P.C. 6 ...............Lankenau 3.

Highlights of yesterday's golf match, in which P.C. downed Lankenau 6 - 3; Jim Arrison had a hole in one, Rich Prickitt followed with a birdie, and one of the Lankenau girls had an eagle. She was immediately rushed to Germantown Hospital.

Varsity Club meeting at lunch in the '58 room.

All those boys who are going to Nome on the chorus trip will go to the music room at lunch today to pick up survival kits and K rations.

Important meeting of the officers of the Varsity Club in Dr. Gummere's office at 1:10.

Honor Committee meeting at lunch in the '58 room.

Key Club meeting for lunch in the front hall to meet visiting Springside students.

Library Society meeting in the library at lunch. Library will be closed indefinitely.

Science Club meeting today at lunch in the lab. Eat first, come to lab, then report to any other meetings if you have them.

Art Society meeting at lunch in the boiler room. Come to the meeting and then eat.

All those who wish to become members of the Webster Society will be required to give their speeches at lunch today in the Squash courts.

Mr. Maroney will meet in the lunch room.

Mr. Connick will meet.

Mr. Lane will.

Mr. Schlegel.


Note to all schools: The office has worked out a master schedule to eliminate all conflicts. All meetings will be okayed by Mary Ellen, Mr. Owrid, Mrs. Wentzel, Joe burke, Charlie Smith, and myself. This I am sure will be much simpler and has worked well thus far this week. I am absolutely firm on this. ABSOLUTELY!!! I want to be fair about this.

J.W.W.W.W.W.W.W. 9th.

Off role as of May 1: Francis J. Powers.
Off role: Merrill Ambler

Lost: Merrill Ambler. Please return to Allman, Rm. 21.
Lost: Eight hours of sleep. Please claim at front office.
Lost: Paradise. Please return to Rm. 25, John Milton.


Allman, 10:32 - 10:54; Ambler, 30:32 - 10:54; McDowell, at Blands' all day; Rulon to pitch; Swenson to bat; Wriggins to catch; Scott to Cuba; Levine, to Squash courts for sale; Wriggins excused again to Abington Hospital with splinter.


Room #3 - No one, Ever, Missing 34 - Fudgy
4 - 7 25 - Lord Byron
8 - Tinkers, Evers, Chance 101 - Throttlebottom, Loves, Diana
9 - Quasimodo 6,743 - Wintergreen, Loves, Throttlebottom
20 - Williams (fate unknown) Rm. at the top - Wintergreen, A., Queer
2 1/2 - McVey, Drinks, Coffee
21 - Piel, H., Piel, B., @%#&$!, D.
22 - Wriggins (fraud), Francis (term paper)


Thus fades the Class of 1960 into O