Reunion Pictures

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Here are selected pictures from our 50th Reunion in 2010.

Class photograph in front of Penn Charter

Jim Arrison, Sam Francis

The golfing contingent (Buckley, Arrison, Allman, Francis)

Al Swenson, Rudy Kriebel

Richie Allman, Bob Ward, Alex Frazier

Bill Barnhurst, Joe Silvaggio

Dick Berlinger

Bill Blodgett, Jock Deasey

Rene and Chuck Coleman, Steve Edgerton

Bob and Judith Davis, Edward Fischer

Tony Duffy, George Ingersoll

Bill Finneran, Rudy Kriebel

Edward Fischer, Rudy Kriebel, John Shoemaker

Chuck Harmon, Alan McFarland, Richie Allman

George Hemphill, Edward Fischer

Herb Johnston, John Churchman

Charlie Lom, Chuck Douglas, Jock Deasey

Joe Loughran, Chuck Harmon, Jim Morrison

Alan McFarland and Fred Schoen flanking Head of School Darryl Ford

Rich Prickitt, Sam Francis

David Scott

Al Swenson, Jim Arrison

Tom Wriggins, Bob Ward

Fritz Kempner with his pointer (a gift from our Class)

Steve Edgerton, Ted Shakespeare

Jock Deasey, Chuck Douglas, Jim Arrison, Ernest Wells

Rudy Kriebel, Fritz Kempner