Al Swenson

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then ...

1560 Hampton Road
Rydal, Pa.

Chap, Body, Bear

See the U.S.A. in your Chevrolet. DINAH SHORE

Entered School 1956. President, Class of 1960; William G. Shields Memorial Scholarship; Secunda Trident Plaque; Honors in Scholarship, 4 years; Trident Honor Society, Vice-President; Literary Society, 3 years; Dramatic Club, 3 years; Varsity Club, 2 years; Senior School Council, 3 years; Chorus, 2 years; Charter Singers, 2 years; Quakers Dozen, 1 year; P.C. in Football, 3 years (Co-Capt. 1959); All-Interac Football, 1958; All-City Honorable Mention, 1958; Second Team All-Interac Football, 1959; P.C. in Wrestling, 2 years; Interac Champ (175 lb.), 1958; P.C. Second in Wrestling, 1 year; P.C. Second in Baseball, 2 years; Winner, Masefield Poetry Contest.

now ...

265 Tunnel Road
White House, PA 18661

[Write-up from 2000]

Children: Five, in birth order:

  • Kirsten Paige, age 34
  • Alvin A. IV (Chip), age 33
  • William Todd, age 28
  • Luke Daniel, age 11
  • Christian John (Kit), age 7

My discontinuous life has not found me staying in one place long enough to become particularly secure, though I have only my wanderlust to blame. Graduation from Princeton was a non-event, the football season that made me proudest of my Princeton experience being long over. Graduation from the Wharton School (Marketing) was more eventful, as I applied myself. That's it for formal education, but of course not the end of the lessons (some painful).

Here's a list of what I've done for pay since graduating from college:

  • Ford Dealer
  • Penn Charter Athletic Director
  • Chevrolet Dealer
  • Motorcycle Shop Employee
  • Car Salesman
  • Dude Ranch Trail Guide
  • Snowmobile Guide
  • Hunting Guide
  • Rafting Company Bus Driver
  • Salesman and District Manager for Auto Test Equipment
  • College Professor
  • Insurance Salesman
  • Marketing Consultant
  • Volkswagen District Manager
  • Volkswagen Sales Trainer
  • Volkswagen National Training Manager
  • Mercedes Benz NA Director of Training
  • Consultant to Volkswagen Importer in Korea
  • ISO 9000 Consultant and Auditor
  • Continuous Improvement Facilitator to Cadillac Division of General Motors

Earning a living has taken me from Pennsylvania to Colorado, Kansas, Colorado again, California, Maryland, Michigan, Pennsylvania again, Singapore, Korea.

Ruth and I were married in Durango, Colorado, almost 12 years ago. We now live in the Poconos on 100+ acres where we keep 2 boys, 3 horses, 2 dogs (down from 4) and 4 cats fed and occupied. Ruth stays busy working full time for the Wallenpaupack School District (Gimme a "W"- "I don't think so") and coaching soccer and baseball. Currently, I help make the world a better place for people who own Cadillacs.

Ginger is now married to Russ Bishop and works with Russ in his insurance business. Our families often merge for holidays, and now there are grandchildren to enjoy. Chip and his wife Kelly (another Colorado bride) have two boys, Quinn (for Alvin V) and Thomas Keith (or T.K.).

My sister, Candace, whom some of you will remember as Candy, died last year on the 4th of July after bravely facing ovarian cancer. I only learned what a remarkable person my sister was after she became ill, and I will only say, in closing, to all of you: if there is someone in your family you think you have all the time in the world to get to know, you don't, so don't wait.

My Dad died in 1969 but my Mother is living and I see quite a bit of her since my weekday office is in her house in Blue Bell, where I'm typing this.

I am eager to see all of you at the reunion. This will be my first reentry into the PC atmosphere of any importance, though I did attend my sons' graduations.

Be well.