Rich Prickitt

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4132 Fields Drive
Lafayette Hill, Pa.


The way to a man's heart is through his stomach. ANON.

Entered School 1954. Honors in Scholarship, 2 years; Science Club, 2 years, Secretary 1 959.60; Chorus 2 years; Charter Singers, 2 years; Quakers Dozen, 2 years; P.C. in Wrestling, 2 years; P.C. Second in Wrestling, 2 years; P.C. in Golf, 3 years (Capt. 1960).

now ...

2934 Park Gardens Drive
Kingwood, TX 77339

Body Building Ministries, Inc.

Profession: Director
Wife: None

[Write-up from 2000]

Just received my 40th reunion info. My address had been changed to reflect our emergence from the pre-historic period which, heretofore had engulfed our ever-expanding metropolis of Live Oak, Florida, and to reflect our linkage with the 9-1-1 addressing system. And, even though I am living in a cultural vacuum, this is where God has me for the moment.

However, I am in the midst of planning my 4th marriage. And, since I have been unsuccessful in my other three, I am determined to make this one work, and I know it will. Her name is Olga, fresh in the States za Mockba. Before she arrived here to visit her daughter, she enjoyed top security clearance throughout the Russian Parliament, the Duma. She is a world-class athlete having been among the top seeds in women's speed skating in the U.S.S.R. in the early 70's. She placed second in the U.S.S.R. NCAA's. She is a renowned artist in parts of Asia and she studied for a doctorate in astronomy at the Academie b Mockba. And, she is so pretty. She continues training regularly, riding her bike and swimming.

Our wedding is planned for June 3, 2000 at the Stephen Foster Folk and Cultural Center in White Springs, Florida, on the banks of the Suwannee River as in "Way down upon the Swannie..." Being from Pittsburgh, it's easy to understand why Foster could not spell "Suwannee" correctly.

My best regards go to all my fabulous classmates, and to those precious five men that endured our pranks and sometimes disrespectful proclivities. I showed Olga how we used to grind down Mr. Kempner's wooden pointer in the pencil sharpener. (Olga thought the prank very funny, but felt we should have relented after the first time or two.) And please, give special greetings to both Phil Maroney and Bert Linton, who were much more than teachers and coaches to me. Each of them helped shape my life for which I will be eternally grateful. Each of them believed in me and in others of us - our young lives being entrusted to them. They were worthy of that trust and performed it. I cannot say enough in this message and, therefore, will not try. Be blessed and have a wonderful affair this 40th Penn Charter class reunion. It is with deep regret that I will not be there.