Alan McFarland

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143 Hewett Road
Wyncote, Pa.

Mac, Runt, Porky

Avarice, the spur of industry. HUME.

Entered School 1954. Treasurer, Class of 1960; Richard M. Jones Memorial Scholarship; Tertia Trident Plaque; Highest Honors in Scholarship, 2 years; Honors in Scholarship, 2 years; Trident Honor Society, Treasurer; P.C. Magazine, Editor-in-Chief; 1959-60, Associate Editor, 1958-59; Senior School Council, 3 years, President 1959-60; Dramatic Club, 3 years, President 1959.60; Literary Society, 3 years; Webster Debating Society, 2 years; Class Record Staff; Chorus, 2 years; Charter Singers, 2 years; P.C. in Football, 2 years; P.C. in Baseball, 2 years; P.C. Second in Baseball, 1 year; Honorable Mention, All-lnterac Football, 1959; Semi-Finalist, National Merit Scholarship.

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PO Box 825
Southampton NY 11969

631-283-9660 (h)
917-327-7254 (c)

McFarland, Dewey & Co.
230 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10169

[Write-up and photo from 2000]

Born: October 4, 1942 College: Yale University Degrees: M.A. 1964, Yale Law School, LL.B. 1967. Married: Kathleen Troia, January 12, 1985 Children: Andrew Roberts, 1968; Gavin Richards, 1971; Fiona Fuller, 1985; Lucas Haskell Sawyer, 1987; Camilla Collins, 1990. Memberships: Trustee, Children's Aid Society of New York; Trustee, St. Andrew's Dune Church, Southampton, NY Occupation: Investment Banker Director: Placer Dome Inc. (gold mining); Premdor Inc. (doors).

Observations on Life and Times

The pace of life only accelerates. My blessings continue to outpace any of life's divots that I can remember or identify. My five children are all and each more than I ever expected. I have tuitions as far as the eye can see; more adventures at hand than I'll ever pursue; companionship beyond the hours to enjoy; health in excess of any maintenance requirement; the prospect of someday knowing my children's children; the still bearable weight of too many possessions; three of the best golf courses in the world next to thirty of the finest remaining grass tennis courts (quality well in excess of my skills); hundreds of people who are friends of some type, two "best" friends from thirty-five years ago equaled by two close brothers who are among the finest and most capable men I know; at least six hundred phone numbers in my head at all times; over a hundred people I know and like in part because we spent part of our school years together; brilliant and clever business partners; daily memories of a world class father and the example of my still vigorous mother; and a wife who is prepared to deal with nuclear proliferation, emerging country violence, the failure of the U.S. education and welfare system, and the revival of spiritual, moral and religious values in our country, while I strive to pay maximum taxes and finally (after twenty years) sell a family cattle ranch in Arizona. This will be my second Penn Charter reunion since June 1960 (I went to my father's fiftieth in 1984). I have a residual measure of affection for most of you that will certainly make gathering together a welcomed event.