Jim Rowan

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then ...

2127 Rush Road
Abington, Pa.


All the news that's fit to print. N. Y. TIMES.

Entered School 1957. Science Club, 2 years; Affiliation Committee, 1 year; P.C. in Football, 2 years (Mgr.); P.C. Second in Football, 1 year (Mgr.); P.C. Second in Basketball, 1 year (Mgr.); P.C. Second in Tennis, 1 year; Germantown Schools' Community Council.

now ...

150 Westledge Road
West Simsbury, CT  06092-2015

Chief Investment Officer
Hartford Steam Boiler Ins.
One State Street
Hartford, CT  06102

[Write-up and photo from 2000]

Reaching this point we all seem to be THANKFUL, and I would like to add my list. It's great to have good health, and you would be surprised to know that about 25 years ago I became a runner...simple 20 to 25 miles a week ... my day doesn't start without it. My wife Jane and I have been together for 36 years, and still have a lot of laughs.

We have four children, three girls including a set of twins, and our late in life child, a son. The twins are married, and have given us five grandchildren, including a set of twins for one of them (maybe a form of payback ... but who is to say). Our oldest daughter is the Arts Director for Brunswick School in Greenwich. Our son is just finishing his Junior year at Boston College, and plans to graduate next spring ... the end I guess to about forty paid tuition years.

We gather to start Jim at Boston College, August, 1998.
Left to right, Jane, Jim, Cathy (mother of 3),
her twin sister Cindy (mother of 2), Dad, and Ginny.

I work at HSB Group, Inc. where I am the Chief Investment Officer, i.e. I manage all the money. I also am responsible for Investor Relations. I have been doing it for over 25 years, and have a great love for the job ... playing the stock market has always been one of my great joys, and it just gets more interesting. I meet a lot of bright and interesting people and get to see some of the very newest products/services. I worry that I will have to stop some day. For some fun, you can go to the company's web site HSB.com, investor relations section, audio archives, and hear me dodge around several quarters of sub-par earnings.

We are not thankful that our grandchildren live in Huntington Beach CA, and Lake Forest IL, but we do go to visit several times a year, so it could be worse. My son is my "do things" buddy. We started skiing in Colorado ten years ago and go once or twice a year. We do New England skiing every year or so to remind ourselves how great Aspen is...and how thankful we are that we can go. I got the bug to climb a fourteen-thousand footer in Colorado when I turned 50,then got into it again 2 years ago. Last summer my son and I did 5 (its easier than it sounds), and have at least 3 or 4 lined up for this summer. I am always thankful when I get to the top, and hope the picture shows this as it was taken on Grays Peak (14,270 ft.) last summer.

So, in summary, we have spent most of our adult lives parenting -- and have loved it. We are especially proud of the results -- our wonderful family. I love my job and the interesting things I get to do -- May you all be as blessed.