John Churchman

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then ...

761 Germantown Pike
Lafayette Hill, Pa.


Silent people are dangerous. LA FONTAINE.

Entered School 1948. Honors in Scholarship, 1 year; Literary Society, 1 year; Affiliation Committee, 2 years.

now ...

1001 N. Manchester St.
Arlington, VA  22205-1615
703-532-6375 (h)
703-300-6574 (c)

Smithsonian Institution
Capitol Gallery
625 Maryland Ave., SW
MRC 503
Washington, DC 20024

Profession: Senior IT Specialist
Wife: Mary Martha Walborn
Children: Emily Margaret, David Peter, Abigail Grace

John writes in 2009:

I am still working full time at the Smithsonian but have a different address and telephone, as the old Arts and Industry has been temporarily shut down. My wife is still working at the U.S. Department of Transportation. Its old building was also shut down; DOT is now in a brand new building near the new Nationals Baseball Stadium and Navy Yard. She and I occasionally go to games there. The Nationals are the worst team in baseball. It is often said that when a team is doing well that everyone is contributing to its success; in the case of the Nationals, everyone seems to contribute to its failure. Its fan support has been declining. When it plays the Phillies, the Phillies fans often outnumber the Nats fans in their own stadium.

My daughter Emily is working for an organization fighting HIV/AIDS in Tanzania, East Africa. This past March she lured her unsuspecting father into running the Kilimanjaro marathon, the hottest and toughest marathon he has ever run (see photo). He has now completed 28 marathons and has retired from marathon running. His son David is going to be teaching middle-school math and music in San Antonio, TX. And his daughter, Abigail, is going into junior year at Grinnell College in Iowa.

Besides running, I am acolyte, layreader, altar-guild member, usher, and outreach committee member at our church. We have gone to the same church for over 25 years and have seen many fine people come and go, some by passing on. It has been like our family since none of our relatives live in this area.